Takashi's dream of becoming a dancer collapsed. To rediscover himself, Takashi starts to work at a temple in the mountains of Hachioji. On a full-moon night, he witnesses the intense fight between zombies and the chief priest in the graveyard of the temple. This temple is a strange place where numerous zombies make trouble every night. The chief priest tells Takashi to forget what he saw.However, Takashi can't help but go to the graveyard again. There, he sees the zombies... Taking a closer look, he realizes that the zombies are happy and good-looking. They say they can attain Buddhahood if they dance on full-moon nights, but the chief priest prevents them from doing so. The zombies beg Takashi to teach them to dance. So Takashi can't help but teach them... Will the zombies attain Buddhahood!? This drama is the precursor to the movie of the same name.
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